Young Sports Professionals

Your academy is outstanding at attracting young people with talent and ambition

You’ve invested in the teams to enhance their physical skills, now you need the mindset development techniques to improve your overall level of player care and get the best out of your elite performers

Our unique selling point is that we will deal with your players on an individual level and create plans & timescales that are completely tailored to them and what they want.

This allows us to cover a diverse range of personalities & individual challenges, gives the players that feeling of importance, and allows you to get the very best out of them.

Figures suggest that the U13-U16 category is a key time across different sports for establishing which players may require extra focus on their development and which ones perhaps should be released.

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68% leave in the U13-U16 category

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Only 24% are left still playing

Helping your young players make the right decisions during these times is crucial to their future success, both on & off the field

As part of our commitment to you, we will:

  • Increase the role of player care in your academy
  • Improve their overall wellbeing
  • Increase engagement, satisfaction & enjoyment of the sport
  • Ensure the top performers exceed their current levels and push on to become better & better
  • Decrease likelihood of individuals wanting to leave for other clubs

Player care:

Distractions/Bad influences

Help the athletes to talk through their distractions and how it may be affecting their game. 

Help them to avoid external influences such as drugs, alcohol and unsuitable friends


Specialised programme to help athletes during rehabilitation phase. Dealing with & accepting the initial shock of injury

Create realistic goals and a pathway to return which motivates them and gives them a purpose again

Focus on the rehabilitation process and its importance so they’re not trying to rush back into action too soon

Loneliness – help them talk through any feelings of isolation whilst other team-mates are enjoying normal training sessions

Career Decisions

If this is the end of the road then we can help them with the transition period out of the academy and help them to explore different options for a future career

Developing peak performance:

Elite Level Performers

Encourage their development and a desire to become better & better

Develop team skills for those that are too focussed on their individual path to success

Mid Level Performers

Enhance their motivation & aspiration to reach the elite performance levels

Help them to realise what they personally need to do to get better

Lower Level Performers

Help them through the mental challenges of no longer being the best

Help them to overcome any mental/external obstacles that are hindering their performances

Potentially start to help them understand that other career decisions may have to be made and help them to discover what other avenues are available to them