You’ve attracted the best and brightest graduates to your company

Now you need to be able to get the best out of a diverse range of individuals, with varying performance levels and make sure they stay in your company for the long-term

Our unique selling point is that we will deal with your team members on an individual level. We help them to create plans & timescales that are completely unique and tailored to the individual.

This allows us to cover multiple areas, gives them a feeling of importance, and allows you to get the very best out of them, no matter what their individual challenges are.

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16% of graduates leave within their first two years

24% are opting for an immediate career change, 20% are looking for higher salaries and 14% do so because they are dissatisfied with their career progression and see no other option

As part of our commitment to you, we will:

  • Increase graduate satisfaction and wellbeing
  • Improve each graduate on a business & personal level, setting them up for long-term career success
  • Decrease the likelihood of your graduates wanting to leave the business
  • Ensure the top performers are focussing their efforts in the best way possible and are pushing to constantly develop themselves

Getting the most out of your graduates

Top Performers

We will help motivate these graduates to become even better, find out what makes them tick and what they need to do to add the most value to your company and excel as fast as possible


We will help them to focus on their key skills and work out where they can enjoy their role most, therefore increasing retention rates, whilst also working out how they can add the most value to their role and therefore excel in your company

Lower Tier

We will help them to work out what they need to do to improve their performance and find their role within the company. Those that aren’t the fit can be helped with this exposure and we can help them to work out what their next best steps are, without dragging it out and leading them to feel disheartened with the company before it's too late

Increasing graduate satisfaction & retention rates

Dealing with stress

Helping them to deal with the individual challenges that come with their first real working roles after university and the high pressure situations that they might encounter

Working away from home

Most graduate schemes require relocations at least once per year during their graduate schemes and these can lead to graduates feeling lonely and unsure of the decisions they’ve made to join the company. We can help them to talk through these issues, rationalise the situation they’re in and the reason they chose your company in the first place.

Finding the right role for them

We can help them to realise their strongest skills, where they would be happiest whilst adding the most value to your company. This allows them to avoid being pigeon-holed into the wrong area of your company and will massively increase your retention of these individuals