About Summit

What We Do

We specialise in helping sports teams and leading companies retain & enhance rising stars by providing the support and guidance they need to reach their full potential

Although our primary clients are young adults, our tailored approach does allow us to cover all management levels and stages of careers on request

Summit: Peak Performance Mindsets was founded in 2016 by Richard Simpson. Richard has trained as a Mentor/Coach with a particular specialism in helping young people such as graduates & young sports professionals take the right steps to ensure future success in their careers.

Richard has worked with graduates in multiple companies across Europe, working on their development and understanding the challenges they face when adapting to a new role

He has first hand experience of what it takes to succeed in both large & small corporate Graduate schemes, including: Accenture, Amazon & De La Rue, and the steps & commitment required

He's worked with young sports stars on developing elite performance mindsets and conducted lectures at universities on the mental challenges of injury rehabilitation

Background Story

I'm passionate about helping people succeed. I enjoy getting the very best out of people, helping them realise how good they can be, then guiding them on what actions they can take to get to the top.

I benefited from an excellent mentor myself early in my first graduate scheme in a large multi-national firm. I’d been placed in various locations as part of the scheme and felt at a loss with the company. My manager at that time helped me to realise my true attributes and bring out the best in me, and instead of leaving the company, I stayed for a further 2 years and earned myself 2 promotions.

It's these feelings that drove me to start this business, so that I too can have a personal impact on young people's futures. I constantly hone my skills by reading new books & publications and writing my own articles to ensure I'm constantly improving. This way my clients receive the most up to date and relevant information to them at the time.


What our clients say

“I would recommend Richard & Summit to any employer looking to get the very best from their graduates and give them the tools to lay solid foundations for a bright future. We wanted to give our new graduate recruits specialist support to encourage & guide their development as they took the first steps in their career. Richard has certainly been able to do this, helping four very different individuals meet their established objectives”

Janet Seddon - HR Director, Datel Computing

“Richard was extremely professional, enthusiastic and a pleasure to work with. He prepared and delivered a lecture and practical on the psychology of sports injuries and rehabilitation for a group of 2nd year Sports Therapy students. Our students found the sessions insightful and it got them thinking about how their approach and actions can affect the athletes. They were able to visualize sport specific situations more clearly and learn how to deal with them more effectively”

Rachel Haskew - Senior Lecturer, Sports Therapy, University of Hertfordshire

“Richard has the fantastic ability to understand each individual's concerns and is therefore able to help a diverse range of players. He helps anyone that may be struggling with the usual external challenges, but is also able to push the best performers to even higher levels”

Dave Powderly, CAFC Youth Academy Coach & Secondary School Teacher